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Showing movies Wednesday - Sunday at 7 p.m.


Established in 1914, Cresco Theatre and Opera House has long standing tradition of providing entertainment for all ages.

Champlin Hall

A family friendly and accessible space for your next event.


From the days of Vaudeville and silent movies to live performances and 3D movies, Cresco Theatre and Opera House continues to be a crowd pleaser.

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Established 1914
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Cresco Theatre Commission

Member Name Title
Jon Hayek President
David Gosch Vice President
Julie Wilson Secretary
Kari Waterbeck Member
Ronda Huges Member
Ann Seebach Member
Kelly Bartling Member
Alex Fortune City Council

Mission Statement

To preserve, maintain, and operate the Cresco Theatre as a historic landmark which benefits the people of Cresco, Howard County, Iowa and tri-state area by providing an accessible, unique facility and valuable cultural asset.

To encourage the presentation of professional and community-based productions of the varied musical and dramatic styles and traditions which come under the umbrella of stage and screen.

To serve as a community auditorium to support the vitality of the local business and educational districts and enhance the tourism experience in the area.

Past Commission Members

Lowell Sovereign Jack Thomson
Ken Becker Fran Burke
Lois Haakenson John Burgess
George Champlin Bill Chandler
Gene Aberg Karl Krause
Jack Ferrie Bruce Buckley
David Gosch Rick Nance
Shirlee Haw Christine Minear
Alan Schatz Alex Fortune
Robert Ringeon Gayle Kelm
Leigh Myers Lesa Reidel
Tara Henry

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