Support Us

Cresco Theatre and Opera House continues to succeed because of the support of the City of Cresco, the community and surrounding areas. Every time you come to a movie, live event or show, purchase a gift certificate, movie pass or concessions you are helping to ensure that this community treasure will continue to thrive.

The goal is to continue to work to make it energy efficient, accessible to everyone and preserve it for future generations.  This is a group effort as we look for creative ways to keep this incredible space viable for years to come. We have been blessed by grants, generous donations, and a faithful and dependable community.

As we look at replacing the scene shop, the seats, and other repairs, maintenance and upgrades. We do so with respect to the building, those who frequent it now and the budget constraints of everyone involved. We received grant funds to tuckpoint and repair the brick on the building and replace the windows from a Shutter Venue Grant.

Please check back for more information as we move forward with other projects both big and small.